People Give Us Purpose

People give us purpose. They supply us with a measuring stick against which we can gauge the meaning of our efforts. Are we providing value to others in what we do? Do our efforts lift and bless others? Does anything we do hurt or hinder our fellow travelers?
When we see the divinity in people, we naturally crave the opportunity to share our gifts with them. We openly accept those gifts they have to offer us. The very essence of abundance pervades our lives, and our collective level of success rapidly rises. Relationships flourish. Families thrive. Communities come together. Society succeeds—in every meaning of the word.
We all have heroes to whom we look for inspiration and direction. We are the leaders our families, our teams, and our communities look to for direction and solutions to our most troubling problems. We are heroes to those people.
Our ability to lead effectively strengthens as we develop our influence through a combination of ROOTS and WINGS. We lead our relationships, our children, and our teams from a strong foundation of roots, and we empower their creative genius as we help them find and spread their wings so they can soar to the greatness for which they were created.
It’s all about people. My challenge to you today is to think of one person—just one, although it may be difficult to whittle it down to just one—you can meaningfully impact this week by increasing your awareness of his or her divinity and acting on that vision to uplift that person and help advance one need in his or her life. That’s it—just one. This focused approach to seeing others in a new light will make you hungry to do the same for others. And you will. You already do! You’ll simply find with this focus you’re getting more joy out of your service as you see people as the gift they are.

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