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forces for good

Movement is energy. When we are continuously, productively in motion, we become forces for good.

We connect diverse and previously unrelated elements and people.

We discover realities and opportunities that remain mysteries to most.

Synergies develop that bring flow to all we do.

The lines between family, business, recreation, and personal pursuits are blurred as we realize the fallacy of the notion of work-life balance and embrace our lives as one holistic, harmonious journey.

We’re passionate about everything we do, because everything we do is by choice and by design.

let us help you on your journey to...

connect. discover. flow.

discover the solutions you need to thrive

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Get to know us

We met as teenagers. 30 years later our kids are grown, our businesses are fulfilling, and our lives are joyful!

Along with our five amazing children, we are known as the "Devenish Sevenish.” We have three children of our own and later adopted our niece and nephew following a fatal car crash that took their father (Kelly’s brother).

We are grandparents to two (and excited to welcome more) and answer to Noni and Papa. Our family is loud, fun, generous, a little rowdy, outspoken, and very creative. We love all the family time together we can get. More often than not that time is spent in the mountains camping, hunting, fishing, playing in the dirt, and taking in some fresh mountain air.

All those years ago we were just two ambitious young adults on the road to launching a synergistic relationship that would develop into the Devenish Duo. It’s been a journey filled with love, laughter, pain, and pleasure. It’s our journey. And we’re excited to see what the next adventure brings.

let's connect

Kelly and Jessica have both learned that personal and business growth starts with a single conversation.

If you are reading this, perhaps YOU or someone in your circle might benefit from a conversation.

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