Sometimes Breaking Down Isn't in Our Control

Breaking down” isn’t usually in our control. No one likes the idea of experiencing a breakdown of any kind. 

I’m suggesting to you today that not only do we have the opportunity to transform each breakdown we experience into breakthrough opportunities, but also that we should make a regular practice of breaking down the elements of our realities by separating, analyzing, and reassembling them to create purposeful breakthroughs. 
In the middle of our hectic days of can’t-miss meetings, pressing deadlines, and managing people, processes, crashing planes, and burning houses, we are rocking it! 

We get it done. We flourish in stressful situations.
Each morning when we wake up our first thoughts are about what we could have done better. We strive for constant improvement. We’re excited about that big deal that is about to close. And in that same moment, we have concerns about the hefty financial obligations we bear—not only for ourselves but for those who rely on us for their livelihoods. What if things don’t go as planned?
Despite all this, we remain positive and proactive. We clear the air of those low-vibe thoughts. 

We must. 

We are leaders in our worlds. 

Those around us are looking to us for guidance and answers.

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