The word “Love” gets thrown around somewhat carelessly at times.

The word “Love” gets thrown around somewhat carelessly at times. We say we “love” our new car, a day of recreation, or someone’s new clothes. Children–and, sometimes, even adults–say, “I love you, “ to someone in their lives just prior to acting in a way that proves this sentiment hollow.

You know what I’m talking about.

So, what is love? I mean real love? And how do we receive the gift of love?

I’m going to suggest genuine love transcends any physical attraction, sexual interaction, or even what we commonly call “brotherly love.” This highest form of love, identified as “agape” in Latin, is unconditional love or charity. It is the love God feels for us.

On our path to developing genuine, unconditional love for others, feeling and acting on brotherly love is a great step. 

When we feel and act on feelings of gratitude, we naturally begin to feel a stronger sense of love for others. We also have an enhanced level of love for ourselves–a meaningful self-love that doesn’t just act as a facade for selfish actions but transforms us into people who live outside themselves in lives of service because of the calm confidence we enjoy inside.

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