We are who we are because LIFE pushes us to the brink sometimes…

We are who we are because LIFE pushes us to the brink sometimes… 🙋🏻‍♀️ 

Interesting chat a couple of days ago I can’t get off my mind… I had a friend call in the middle of a shitstorm of life… I was upset. 

She asked me what was wrong and I shared that I was frustrated with Kelly… …we had gotten in an argument over who knows what … She seemed startled and shocked. … I said, “for real tho?”🤷🏻‍♀️ “uhh you’re surprised!? 

How can that be?!?” She said, “I thought you two had the best relationship & I just can’t see that?!” I laughed out loud 🤣😅 Pppphhhhtttttt that’s truly ridiculous. This was me > 🙄 > 🤪 > 😏 > 🫤 

YESSSS… we do have the best relationship 

Aaaaad > LIFE IS LIFE…

If you don’t think we fight, disagree, are at odds, criticize, get frustrated, argue >>>with ten thousand other verbs I could add to 32 years of FRIENDSHIP then you’re dead wrong!! ☠️ 

Life can be hard. Uncertain. Unsure. Ugly. WE DO have a beautiful thing .. AND damn straight WE KNOW defeat, struggles, heartache, sadness … 

THAT IS WHY we do have a deep appreciation for the good stuff. We work through & face the shit storms. 

AND we are human beings who get it wrong sometimes! If you really think great relationships don’t have hardships > think again > because THEY DO!

Hardships come in ALL shapes & sizes! Especially over THREE DECADES of life! Woooooooeeeeeee 💥 
The “scroll” aka “highlight reel” is just that…highlights, moments, events, memories, adventures AAAAAAND a whole-lotta-life in between 🫠 If you’re comparing OR assuming … Stop it. Try again. Be realistic. We are all adults here. Some days we are the teachers. Some days we are the students. Both are critical to creating a life be design. I feel like someone needed to hear this today… If not today >>>> maybe you’ll hold onto the idea that THE REAL LIFE gets “real” sometimes… for all of us! Shit storms ALSO include the beauty of surrender, grace, empathy, love, & true self-awareness! There is true GRATITUDE in it all! 💓 We are who we are because LIFE pushes us to the brink sometimes🙋🏻‍♀️

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