How many times have each of us wished for greater clarity?

How many times have each of us wished for greater clarity? We study out the issues surrounding the matter at hand. We get away from the grind to clear our heads and seek answers. We even engage coaches and solicit the input of trusted advisors and friends. Sometimes these actions work, and sometimes we’re left without the clarity we were seeking.
The attempts I just mentioned at gaining clarity are good. We should study out pertinent issues. We should get away from the office to think. We should involve other insightful people in our quests.
All these activities will be that much more fruitful in our searches for clarity, however, when we have accepted and engaged the other gifts I’ve shared with you today.
When we feel and act on gratitude, demonstrate genuine love, see ourselves and others for the divine beings we are, are aware of the realities that surround us, surrender ourselves to the good influences in our lives, grow from our trials, accept and extend grace, and interact with others from a place of empathy, we gain clarity that opens new doors previously locked to us.
It would feel selfish to us to have such power given to us to see the realities of the past, the opportunities in the present moment—the now—and the answers for our journeys forward if it weren’t for the fact we’re doing all we do with the pure intent that accompanies accepting and living by these 12 gifts. There is no way to live in the place these gifts afford us and act selfishly. This is a simple universal truth. Those who wish for the level of clarity of which I’m speaking so they can harness it to push their selfish agendas forward are repeatedly disappointed and frustrated. Those who act with a pureness of intent gain the Gift of Clarity with relative ease.
This is why the simplest of people are often the most powerful and influential.

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