When we begin to see the gifts in our trials...

When we begin to see the gifts in our trials, we come to understand the role grace plays in our progression. If it were up to us, we’d choose paths of ease. And those paths would rob us of the gifts produced by our trials.
Even though we wouldn’t opt for these difficult times in our lives, they are Gifts of Grace. Grace because God knows without these challenges we wouldn’t grow. Grace because when we misstep, we get a do-over. In fact, we get infinite restarts—as many as it takes for us to get it right.
As we become aware of the grace we receive as a gift, we desire to share this gift with others. When our spouses misstep in the course of their trials, we help them understand this is part of the journey. It’s OK! When our children trip and fall, we help them back up, assuring them this is expected and helping them see the lessons learned through the experience. When employees fall short or mess up, we extend the same grace in our handling of the situation we have enjoyed so many times in our own lives.
How we handle problems produces gifts for ourselves and others. Redemption from unexpected derailments is infinite. Isn’t that exciting? The Gift of Grace brings joy into every day because we know our successes and our trials are Gifts of Grace.

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