Quit Sacrificing and Start Surrendering!

Sacrifice. All leaders do it. Sometimes we even wear it as a badge of honor.
We sacrifice family time to build our businesses. We sacrifice our health to make sure we’re attending to the details we see as keeping us on top of our games.
There’s a common notion that sacrifice means giving up something good for something better. That may be true sometimes. Too often it’s giving up what’s most important for what seems most urgent.
I’ll suggest that sacrifice means something has to die in order for something else to live. This puts a heavy weight on it, doesn’t it? Are you ready to make the call as to what gets to die so something else has the opportunity to die?
Here’s my advice: stop sacrificing. It doesn’t achieve what we think it is going to. And there’s a better way to assure we achieve the desired outcomes we’re seeking.
I know what sacrifice looks like. It comes at the cost of putting everything else in my life ahead of me. If we’ve accepted the Gift of Self, we know we can go down that road. It isn’t sustainable.
We need to quit sacrificing and start surrendering.

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