You ARE a gift. Be aware of that. Be grateful for that. Love yourself.

Do you compare yourself to others? I do sometimes. Recently I had to remind myself, “You, my dear, are a rockstar! Perhaps you are the one others look to and compare themselves to. Just do the work, and the results will follow.”
Does that sound cocky? To anyone not in tune to who they are, it just might. If we understand the Gift of Self, however, this isn’t cocky at all. In fact, it’s an expression of our sincere gratitude to our Maker for the miracle we each are and the love we have for ourselves.
As with all the other gifts I believe in and share in all my work there is much more I could share—many more directions I could go—with the Gift of Awareness. For our purposes here, however, I’d like to focus your view with two questions for your consideration. 

Ask yourself:
Do I see myself as the rockstar other people see me as? Do I believe others look at me and compare themselves to me?
If your answers to these two questions is yes, you are correct. If your answer to either question is no, you may have a little soul-searching to do.

Comparison is generally the thief of joy. You’ve heard me say that before and that can be true. 

It also can be THE MOTIVATION we need to lean in. Level up. Go for it. “If they can. I can too!” 

When we are aware of our own divinity, value, successes, abilities, and attributes, we become far more effective in leading and serving others. Self-deprecation is harmful to our spirits and our potential, even though many engage in this practice in the name of being modest.
You ARE a gift. Be aware of that. Be grateful for that. Love yourself. Being aware of your divinity and potential will set the stage for your greater awareness of others and the many blessings they, and you, will enjoy that can only come to fruition when your self-image is equal to your admiration of the greatest people you know.

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