We are Infinite Beings.

We are infinite beings. This truth is wrapped in our divine perfection. It isn’t circumstantial. No one can take it from us. And no one has more of this gift than you. 

We each possess this gift innately.

Power isn’t found in the outside world. Such a belief is an illusion. WE are the power. We each hold it within ourselves.

We can opt–today–to live a life of service, to meaningfully impact a cause higher than ourselves. To harness the power necessary to do this, we must live in gratitude for all we have and experience (yes, the positive along with the negative) and we must love as unconditionally as we can TODAY. In this moment  right now. 

We are continually evolving, growing and progressing. 

Start where you are right now with a commitment to never look back. And if you must reflect and look back, do it only to harness that  energy to catapult you forward. 

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