You won’t lose if you don’t quit.

You won’t lose if you don’t quit.

I didn’t start rowing harder. I expanded the boat I’m sailing by leveraging my potential. Because I can’t create more time. I made my time more valuable instead.

Be selective about the opportunities you pursue.

Understand there’s always a cost of inaction.

People pay for solutions to problems. If you’re short on money > start adding more value and solving more problems.

Our choices are usually generated by one of two things; pain or pleasure…
Are you stuck & want a change?
Are you doing what you want & have a solution to share with the world?

The hand you’ve been dealt won’t play itself so get to work!! ♠️

The only person that owes you anything is YOU.

What I know for sure?
There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path.
Don’t allow yourself to become one of them.

What are you doing today to give yourself everything you want??

The doors will be open to those bold enough to knock… 👊🏻


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