We are Made of Stories.

My Dad always says that people love stories....🖤 ... and it's true, I believe it's how we all connect & communicate.
It's how we learn, how we live.

Chapters of our lives are vast; some are about love, some sadness, forgiveness, excitement, growth, understanding, listening, or speaking up. It can often be choosing to leave it behind or being steadfast.

Often we are guided by fear, courage, adventure, success, failures, happiness, friendship, heartbreak, confusion, maybe anger or uncertainty.
Hopefully, each chapter offers us something of value that builds our character, increases our self-acceptance and our humility.

Each page, just like each new day is a gift . . . by the grace of God we keep turning the pages with each sunrise. And with every sunrise we have the agency of choice. The choice to make it a good day, and one of value. 📚

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